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Seersite makes everything easier for Clients & Experts.

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Seersite is a place where Professionals with unique expertise and specific knowledge can amplify their signal while screening out the noise that is so common on other platforms.

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Professionals in your field.

  • ​Seersite membership is by referral or approval only

  • View insights and posts from other vetted professionals

  • Filter what types of posts you see from other users

  • Post your own insights and works to the knowledge feed

Learn from other Professionals on Seersite

  • Read transcripts from other expert calls specifically targeted to your industry sector

  • Set your feed to automatically filter based on your topics and industry

  • Search Profiles, Posts, and Automatic Insights on Expert Industry & Topics

  • Survey other experts in your industry with our Kodex quick answer system

Amplify your Expertise with Paid Bookings

  • Sell research papers and other works to paying clients

  • Get discovered for your expertise via our marketplace tools

  • Get booked and paid for Kodex fast answers as well as one-on-one engagements

  • Establish your expertise and credibility beyond your work history

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Why join Seersite?

  • Our vetted professionals membership network makes it easier to connect with other high quality professionals.

  • Industry sectors are organized into verticals to help you find information specific to your expertise.

  • Seersite's marketplace features puts you in front of people who matter.

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