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Get Knowledge-On-Demand from our fully vetted Experts faster than ever before.

Kodex makes Expert Knowledge easier and more accessible than ever.

Introducing Kodex

Get immediate answers from qualified Experts on demand, for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Get Answers from a Panel of Experts

Have a critical question you need answered ASAP? Use Kodex by Seersite to send your request to 3+ qualified Experts and get insights in as little as 1 business day.

Pay-Per-Answer Transparent Pricing

Your question will be answered by your selected number of Experts and delivered as a 2+ minute transcribed audio insight. You pay only $5 per answer.

Followup with the best Expert for a 1-on-1

Review your Expert Answers and optionally book the best Expert for a 1-hour followup Expert Call, fully managed, moderated, and transcribed by our team.

Interested? Contact us for Early Access to Kodex.

Qualified Clients and Startups may be eligible for free Kodex credits. Get in touch today via our Request form and use the promo code "KODEX"!

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