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A Peer to Peer Expert Network

It can be difficult for analysts to access the perspectives they require to address their more nuanced questions. Similarly, those with the relevant perspectives to offer do not have an effective way to connect with those who may want to hear them.

Experts & Researchers

Seersite helps subject matter experts, analysts and researchers connect with clients who may be interested in their unique point of view.


Seersite helps clients find and engage with qualified professionals who can offer unique perspectives.

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Knowledge Communities

“Communities” are groups of experienced professionals, subject matters experts, analysts and researchers from a variety of backgrounds. They are organized around emerging technology trends, investment themes, industries or a client’s specific question.

Diverse Perspectives

Communities are diverse by design, comprised of individuals with operational experience in the corporate, scientific, research, academic, legal & regulatory sectors (among others). Seersite’s clients can gain a 360 degree perspective to help inform decision making, no matter how specific or broad the question.

Digital Marketplace

Clients and community members find one another through the Seersite platform, in a secure and compliant manner. Clients use their customized dashboards to pose questions, search and manage projects, subject matter experts and researchers build profiles, share their unique perspectives and make predictions.

Content & Research

Community members can offer their unique individual perspectives to clients on a private one to one basis or join with other members to generate aggregated insights derived from their "collective intelligence." Approved community members can also offer their research, analysis and data products directly in the Seersite marketplace.


Selected Knowledge Communities

      FinTech / RegTech

     Blockchain & Crypto

     Pharma & Healthcare

     Aerospace & Defense

     Macroeconomic & Geopolitical

     Cybersecurity & Telecom

     Energy & Renewables


     Minerals & Commodities

     Legal Economic & Regulatory

Among others...


Clients and subject matter experts and researchers can interact in different ways

One on one consultations Surveys & Polls Async Interaction
Predictions & Prediction Markets Virtual Panels & Webinars Custom Projects