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Learn about your expert before you engage.

Unlike other expert networks which provide limited insight into the actual expertise and relevance of their experts, the Seersite platform highlights our experts knowledge.

Shared knowledge and insights allow Clients to find the right vetted expert and ensures that Experts work with the Clients that are most relevant to them.

Share insights and search our knowledge library.

Seersite experts are encouraged to submit research and commentary, adding to their reputation and creating peer discussion.

From quick insights to research and transcripts, our searchable database of expert content that highlights expertise and approach, providing validation far beyond any bio or resume.

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Seersite is building a better platform for knowledge collaboration where Experts can share insights and research, and everyone can find knowledge, collaborate and discuss. 

Coming Soon: More than an Expert Network

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Request an Expert Session and get the insights you need. No upfront costs. Only pay when you approve and book an Expert.

The Expert Network: Simplified

Seersite brings a new level of transparency to expert networks to get you the information you need from the right expert.

For Clients

Seersite provides greater transparency and clarity between clients and experts to better serve your needs.

Clients simply Request an Expert and our team quickly finds the right vetted Expert from our profile system and validates their expertise before presenting their details to you. No upfront cost or commitment required.

Everything is fully managed by our team, making it easy and efficient for you. Our team sends you the details, rate, and availability of your best matched Expert, you approve, then we schedule your Expert Session.

Every Expert Session is vetted, moderated, and transcribed by our team, so you can focus on the discussion. Our moderator handles compliance and delivers a full transcript with key highlights. You pay only the Expert's rate plus a fee for compliance, transcription, and handling.

The insights you need, on demand from our vetted Experts.

For Experts

Seersite is designed to highlight your knowledge and get bookings with the right clients that match your expertise.

Register as an Expert and send us your details and rate along with any research or commentary. Our editors review your background and work, then make annotations to build an internal profile that matches you with the best clients.

As part of our vetting process, your certified profile is updated as you book sessions, incorporating feedback from clients and insights you share. As you get bookings, you will have the option to make your profile public to allow anyone to request a booking directly.

We handle all the details for you, from finding the right clients to scheduling the session, and providing compliance and transcripts. All you need to do is confirm the booking request, join the Expert Session, and get paid. Zero cost, overhead, or any other work.

Build your reputation, bookings, and business.

Clients and Experts are vetted and custom matched, making it easy for everyone. Our proprietary Expert Profile System and Knowledge Library allows us find the best validated Expert, plus every Expert Session is fully managed, moderated, and transcribed by the Seersite Team.

Seersite makes everything easier for Clients and Experts.

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